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NPR 4300.1C
Effective Date: June 27, 2013
Expiration Date: January 27, 2021
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(NASA Only)

Subject: NASA Personal Property Disposal Procedural Requirements

Responsible Office: Logistics Management Division

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Chapter 9. Report Requirements

9.1 Background

9.1.1 This chapter sets forth the authority and procedures related to reporting disposal activity for NASA-owned property. This includes excess, surplus, and exchange/sale property, including onsite or offsite contractor- and grantee-held property. Property may be physically located within the United States and its territories or in foreign countries.

9.1.2 The information reported by Center PDOs will be consolidated and analyzed by the NASA Headquarters DPM. The information and data from these reports will be provided to NASA management and/or provided to external agencies and Congress when requested by external reporting requirements or inquiries.

9.2 Guidance

9.2.1 The FMR, 41 C.F.R. 102-36.295 and ยง 102-39.85, requires reporting the disposition and acquisition of excess, surplus, and exchange/sale property. Additionally, the NASA Headquarters LD requires information to monitor the performance of the disposal programs and to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.

9.3 General Report Requirements

9.3.1 Generally, all Center reports will be obtained electronically (BW and/or current reporting program) with the exception of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC).

a. JPL (an FFRDC) will meet their summary reporting requirements by providing information directly to the Headquarters DPM by October 10 of each year.

b. The JPL (an FFRDC) Center PDO shall coordinate with the DPM on the precise data-reporting requirements.

c. This information is required to meet the annual reporting requirements of section 9.5 below. This information shall be provided directly by JPL (an FFRDC) via electronic upload to the Web-based GSA Reporting Tool. Access to the GSA Reporting Tool is provided, upon request, from the Headquarters DPM.

9.4 GSA Reports to NASA

9.4.1 In accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement between NASA and GSA, GSA has agreed to provide the following reports:

a. Monthly report pertaining to the GSA sales done for each Center's activities. The report will display the activity for which the sale occurred, contract number, date of sale, item control numbers, sale/lot numbers, and the proceeds received for each lot.

b. Annual summary report of all sales and reimbursements by fiscal year to be delivered to NASA Headquarters by December 31 each year. The report will display information (total items sold, total proceeds, and total net proceeds) by Center and the total for the Agency.

c. Monthly reports of items dispositioned through the CFL Monthly Item Status Report.

9.5 NASA Reports to GSA

9.5.1 In accordance with the FMR, NASA shall report to the GSA Office of Government-wide Policy the following transactions for the fiscal year (October 1 to September 30):

a. Fiscal Year Exchange/Sale Transactions.

b. Fiscal Year Property Donated to Non-Federal Organizations (Non-Federal Recipient Report).

9.5.2 Reports shall be submitted by the end of October 10 of each year

9.6 Other NASA Reports

9.6.1 Centers shall report to the NASA Headquarters LD by November 15 each year

a summary of the export-controlled sales indicating if checks of purchasers for proof of U.S. Citizenship were done in accordance with the guidance provided in Appendix D, Public Sale of Export-Controlled Property.

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