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NPR 3330.1C
Effective Date: September 27, 2022
Expiration Date: September 27, 2027
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Subject: NASA Career Transition Assistance Plans (CTAPs)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 2. Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)

2.1 Eligibility

2.1.1 CTAP provides intra-agency selection priority for eligible surplus and displaced employees. This chapter is to be used in conjunction with Agency CTAP for Local Surplus and Displaced Employees, 5 CFR pt. 330, subpt. F.

2.1.2 An eligible Agency employee is entitled to receive special selection priority in the local commuting area under CTAP. Special selection priority means that an eligible CTAP candidate will be placed into a vacancy for which they are well-qualified unless the personnel action is identified as an exception in regulation and therefore not subject to CTAP clearance.

2.1.3 Eligibility begins on the date the employee is issued a RIF separation notice, a notice of proposed separation for declining a directed reassignment or transfer-of-function outside the local commuting area, or a certificate of expected separation (or other official certification) stating that the employee's position is surplus.

2.1.4 If an employee declines a job offer for a career, career-conditional, or excepted appointment without time limit, for which the employee has applied and been rated well-qualified, eligibility expires on the date of the declination. Declination of temporary or term position does not affect the employee's selection priority for permanent positions.

2.2 Procedures

2.2.1 The CHCO or designee will:

a. Establish well-qualified criteria in accordance with regulatory requirements.

b. Ensure that vacancy announcements contain information on how CTAP eligible employees may apply, required proof of eligibility, and the established criteria for a well-qualified determination for the vacancy.

c. Extend an offer to an available CTAP eligible in the local commuting area who is determined well-qualified for the vacancy unless the personnel action is not subject to CTAP clearance. For this purpose, a vacancy means a competitive service position being filled at grade General Schedule (GS)-15 (or equivalent) or below that is expected to last for a total of 121 days or more (including extensions).

d. Conduct an independent second review of the qualifications determination when a CTAP applicant is determined not well-qualified, before a referral list is issued, and notify the applicant in writing of the result of the review. The independent second review will be conducted by an HR specialist or subject-matter expert who did not make the initial determination.

e. Ensure consideration under normal rating and ranking procedures with other qualified candidates to applicants who do not meet CTAP requirements (e.g., are not well-qualified).

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