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PREFACE 0. Preface
Fleet Organization, Mission, and Responsibilities 1. Fleet Organization, Mission, and Responsibilities
Performance Metrics 2. Performance Metrics
Official Use of Vehicles 3. Official Use of Vehicles
Asset Management 4. Asset Management
Vehicle Acquisition 5. Vehicle Acquisition
Alternative Fueled Vehicles 6. Alternative Fueled Vehicles
7. Fleet Maintenance
7.1 Maintenance Overview
7.2 Maintenance Objectives
7.3 Responsibility for Cost of Repairs, Maintenance, and Fuel
7.4 Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program
7.4.1 Environmentally Preferable Lubrication Products
7.5 Vehicle Repairs
7.5.1 Unscheduled Repairs and Breakdowns
7.5.2 Body and Paint Work
7.5.3 Warranty Repairs
7.5.4 Contract Repairs
7.5.5 Vehicle Alterations and Modifications
7.5.6 Manufacturers' Recalls
7.6 Unauthorized Repairs and Installation of Non-Standard Equipment
7.7 Disposition of Overage, Unsafe, or Unserviceable Vehicles
7.7.1 Disposition of Unsafe Vehicles
7.7.2 Vehicles Beyond Economical Repair
7.7.3 Preparing Vehicles for Disposal
7.8 Field Breakdowns
7.9 Vehicle Historical Records
Vehicle Disposal 8. Vehicle Disposal
Fuel Management 9. Fuel Management
Contractor Use of Government Vehicles 10. Contractor Use of Government Vehicles
Forms and Reports   Driver's Handbook
Forms and Reports   Forms and Reports
Reference Materials   References
Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Definitions   Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Definitions
Useful Web Links   Web Links
Frequently Asked Questions   FAQ


NASA Official Fleet Management Handbook

Fleet Maintenance

Vehicle Repairs

Unscheduled Repairs and Breakdowns

To the extent possible, NASA Centers will work to ensure maximum vehicle availability for customers with minimum interruptions due to unscheduled repairs and breakdowns.

Body and Paint Work

NASA Centers will ensure the most cost effective means is used for accomplishing body and paint work that is performed in a high quality manner. This applies only to owned vehicles unless arrangements have been made for GSA vehicles to be maintained in NASA shops.

Warranty Repairs

The CTO will ensure that contractors and Government employees engaged in the repair and maintenance of vehicles take full advantage of warranty repairs. Cost avoidance due to warranty repairs should be tracked in terms of total annual cost savings.

Contract Repairs

Contract repairs will be completed as outlined in each Center’s operations contracts.

Vehicle Alterations and Modifications

Alterations and modifications will not be performed on GSA vehicles without GSA approval (41CFR101-39.304). For NASA-owned vehicles, alterations that affect the end use of the vehicle will require the Agency Supply and Equipment Management Officer’s approval (Ref. NPR 4200). Minor modifications costing less than $1,000 may be done at the discretion of the CTO. Extreme caution should be used when modifying any vehicle or piece of equipment due to the potential of adverse and dangerous effects on the handling, operation, and drivability of the vehicle. Also, all modifications must be made without voiding the vehicle’s warranty.

Manufacturers’ Recalls

Periodically, manufacturer’s send out recall notices for safety defects and other notices concerning their products. These recall notices are either sent directly to users or by GSA to its customers. The CTO will ensure these notices are reviewed and that prompt action is taken. When the action is completed, the appropriate office shall be notified.

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