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NPR 9760.1
Effective Date: February 13, 2018
Expiration Date: February 13, 2023
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Subject: Relocation Allowances

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Chapter 6. Residence Transaction Allowances

6.1 Allowances for Expenses Incurred in Connection with Residence Transactions

Direct reimbursement of expenses is a mandatory entitlement, 41 CFR §302-11, for transferring employees; however, NASA may include the option of using a relocation services company, per 41 CFR §302-12, and as covered in the NASA Contract for Services agreement.

6.2 Use of a Relocation Services Company

6.2.1 Eligible employees may be authorized to use a relocation services company retained by NASA to assist them with the shipment and storage of HHG, arranging for purchase of employee's residence, home finding assistance, and the Government home sale program. The maximum weight allowance of HHG that may be shipped or stored at Government expense is 18,000 pounds net weight plus 2,000 pounds of packing materials. The weight of PBP&E counts against the 18,000-pound limit. However, if the weight of any PBP&E causes the lot to exceed 20,000 pounds, the PBP&E may be transported to the new duty station as an administrative expense of the Agency, at NASA's sole discretion.

6.3 Home Marketing Incentive (HMI) Payments

6.3.1 To be eligible for the HMI Program, employees shall use the NASA relocation contractor to sell their home at the old duty station. If the employee opts for direct reimbursement of their real estate sale expenses, they are not eligible for this program. NASA requires the employee market their home through a preferred agent/broker for 75 calendar days prior to accepting an appraised value sale. Employees who choose not to use a preferred agent/broker are ineligible for any HMI provided by the Agency.

6.3.2 If an employee uses a relocation services contractor to sell the residence at their old duty station and receive the HMI payments, the actual temporary quarters subsistence including any HHT is limited to 60 days with no exceptions.

6.3.3 NASA offers an HMI payment to a transferred employee; which is three percent of the amended value price the relocation services company paid the employee for the residence; however the payment cannot exceed $15,000.

6.3.4 To receive the HMI payment, the employee shall use the relocation services company under contract with NASA.

6.4 Allowance for Property Management Services

6.4.1 Property management services may be requested in lieu of the employee's home sale. If approved, NASA will pay the selling expenses of that property at a later date. However, the entitlement will be reduced by the amount of property management entitlements already reimbursed.

6.4.2 NASA will not pay for items relating to the maintenance, insurance, or loss of income on the property; however, employees should refer to 41 CFR §302-15 for additional guidance on property management services. The employee may obtain the services directly from a licensed property management company and be reimbursed up to the amount the NASA relocation service company would charge or he or she may contract with the NASA relocation services company to provide these services.

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