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PREFACE 0. Preface
Fleet Organization, Mission, and Responsibilities 1. Fleet Organization, Mission, and Responsibilities
Performance Metrics 2. Performance Metrics
Official Use of Vehicles 3. Official Use of Vehicles
Asset Management 4. Asset Management
Vehicle Acquisition 5. Vehicle Acquisition
Alternative Fueled Vehicles 6. Alternative Fueled Vehicles
Fleet Maintenance 7. Fleet Maintenance
Vehicle Disposal 8. Vehicle Disposal
Fuel Management 9. Fuel Management
10. Contractor Use of Government Vehicles
10.1 Government-Owned Contractor-Assigned Vehicles
10.2 Government-Furnished Vehicle and Equipment Authorizations
10.3 Making of Contractor Vehicles
10.4 Contractor Insurance
Forms and Reports   Driver's Handbook
Forms and Reports   Forms and Reports
Reference Materials   References
Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Definitions   Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Definitions
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NASA Official Fleet Management Handbook

Contractor Use of Government Vehicles

Marking of Contractor Vehicles

Contractor-owned vehicles should be placarded with the contractor’s name and logo or other signs or as specified in contracts. These signs should identity the name of the company and telephone number at a minimum.

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