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NPR 8831.2F
Effective Date: October 07, 2015
Expiration Date: September 30, 2024
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Subject: Facilities Maintenance and Operations Management (Updated w/Change 1 on September 2, 2016)

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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P.1 Purpose

a. This directive establishes minimum NASA management of facilities maintenance objectives, standards, and requirements in support of NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 8831.1 and NPD 8700.1. In addition to stressing the NASA Administrator's emphasis on the importance of strict compliance with safety regulations, practices, and procedures, it requires the practice of several proactive methods for meeting those objectives and standards, including the adoption of the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) philosophy and procedures (NASA Reliability Centered Maintenance Guide for Facilities and Collateral Equipment), use of Predictive Testing and Inspection (PT&I) technologies, and maximum use of fixed-price, performance-based contracts coupled with good business practices that are cost effective to accomplish maintenance.

b. This document fixes commonality of facilities maintenance definitions Agency-wide among the NASA Centers and Component Facilities, thereby permitting the application of uniform measures of facilities conditions; allowing meaningful, quantitative metrics in terms common throughout the Agency. This provides the ability to statistically analyze relative variances, compile an information database using terminology and definitions common to and recognized by commercial software products and other industrial and Government applications, and thereby add credibility to the NASA facilities maintenance budgeting process through standardization.

P.2 Applicability

a. This NPR is applicable to NASA Headquarters and NASA Centers, including Component Facilities and Technical and Service Support Centers.

b. Because of the differences in NASA Center organizations, this NPR does not assume or require a typical facilities maintenance organization. Instead, it uses a systems approach to describe the functions that should be included in any facilities maintenance management system, regardless of its organizational structure.

c. In this directive, all mandatory actions (i.e., requirements) are denoted by statements containing the term "shall." The terms: "may" or "can" denote discretionary privilege or permission, "should" denotes a good practice and is recommended, but not required, "will" denotes expected outcome, and "are/is" denotes descriptive material.

d. In this directive, all document citations are assumed to be the latest version unless otherwise noted.

P.3 Authority

a. The National Aeronautics and Space Act, 51 U.S.C. ยง 20113(a).

b. NPD 8831.1, Maintenance and Operations of Institutional and Program Facilities and Related Equipment.

P.4 Applicable Documents and Forms

a. Energy Policy Act (EPAct) 2005, Pub. L. 109-58, 119 Stat. 594 (205).

b. Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010, Pub. L. 111-308, 124 Stat. 3283 (2010).

c. Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management, E. O. 13423.

d. Protection of Historic Properties, 36 CFR pt. 800.

e. Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), 48 CFR Chapter 1.

f. NPD 7330.1, Approval Authorities for Facility Projects.

g. NPD 8700.1, NASA Policy for Safety and Mission Success.

h. NPD 8710.5, Policy for Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Systems.

i. NPD 8820.2, Design and Construction of Facilities.

j. NPR 1441.1, NASA Records Management Program Requirements.

k. NPR 8553.1, NASA Environmental Management System.

l. NPR 8570.1, NASA Energy Management Program.

m. NPR 8715.3, NASA General Safety Program Requirements.

n. NPR 8800.15, Real Estate Management Program.

o. NPR 8820.2, Facility Project Requirements (FPR).

p. NPR 9090.1, Reimbursable Agreements.

q. NASA-STD 8719.9, Standard for Lifting Devices and Equipment.

r. NASA-STD 8719.12, Safety Standard for Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnics.

s. NASA-STD 8719.17, NASA Requirements for Ground-Based Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Systems (PV/S).

t. ASTM E1557, Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework-UNIFORMAT II.

u. NASA Reliability Centered Building and Equipment Acceptance Guide, July 2004.

v. Reliability-Centered Maintenance Guide for Facilities and Collateral Equipment, September 2008.

w. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

x. Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) Handbook of Federal Accounting Standards and Other Pronouncements, as Amended, June 30, 2014, Federal Financial Accounting Standards 6, 8,14,35, 40, 42, and 44.

P.5 Measurement/Verification

a. To determine compliance, Facility Maintenance and Operations Program Engineers assigned to Headquarters Facilities and Real Estate Division (FRED) will perform annual Maintenance and Operation program reviews at the Centers. Reviews entail making random site visits, reviewing Maintenance and Operation Programs and Projects, and evaluating performance and effectiveness in relation to the Annual Performance Metrics and Deferred Maintenance Assessment.

P.6 Cancellation

a. NPR 8831.2E, Facilities Maintenance and Operations Management, dated November 18, 2008.

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