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Directive No. Subject RO Effective Date Expiration Date Directive(s) Cancelled
NPD 1000.0C  Show History
NASA Governance and Strategic Management Handbook  AA51  1/29/20  1/29/25  NPD 1000.0B , NPD 1000.0C
NPD 1000.3E  Show History
The NASA Organization w/Change 65  AA51  4/15/15  4/15/21  NPD 1000.3D
NPD 1000.5B  Show History
Policy for NASA Acquisition   AA51  12/19/13  1/19/21  NPD 1000.5A
NPD 1001.0C  Show History
2018 NASA Strategic Plan  IA  2/12/18  2/12/22  NPD 1001.0B
NPD 1020.2J  Show History
Displaying The United States Flag At Half-Staff (Revalidated with Change 2, on 01/23/2020)  LP2  2/7/00  2/7/25  NPD 1020.2I
NPD 1030.1I  Show History
Gifts or Decorations From Foreign Governments and Gifts to Foreign Individuals (Revalidated 7/02/18)  MA  8/23/00  8/23/23  NPD 1030.1H
NPR 1040.1  Show History
NASA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planning Procedural Requirements (Revalidated with Change 3, 9/13/2012)  LP2  7/3/03  12/3/20 
NPD 1040.4B  Show History
NASA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Revalidated with Change 2, July 26, 2017  LP2  9/22/09  9/22/22  NPD 1040.4A
NPD 1050.1I  Show History
Authority to Enter into Space Act Agreements (Revalidated 10/30/14)  MA  12/23/08  11/23/20  NPD 1050.1H
NPD 1050.2  Show History
Authority to Enter into Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (Revalidated)  MA  9/12/13  9/12/23 
NPR 1058.1  Show History
NASA Enterprise Protection Program  AA51  6/14/19  6/14/24  NPR 2830.3
NPR 1080.1B  Show History
Requirements for the Conduct of NASA Research and Technology (R&T)  DA  2/21/17  2/21/22  NPR 1080.1A
NPD 1080.1C  Show History
Policy for the Conduct of NASA Research and Technology  DA  11/22/16  11/22/21  NPD 1080.1B
NPD 1090.1  Show History
Challenges, Prize Competitions and Crowdsourcing Activities   OA  2/12/14  12/12/20 
NPD 1150.11A  Show History
Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Committees (Revalidated w/change 1))  TA  6/20/12  6/20/22  NPD 1150.11
NPD 1200.1E  Show History
NASA Internal Control (Revalidated w/Change 1, 07/21/2017)  IA  7/21/08  7/21/22  NPD 1200.1D
NPR 1210.1A  Show History
Procedures for Use of Monetary Gifts and Donations by NASA (Revalidated w/Change 3 on December 6, 2018)  IA  2/23/05  2/23/24  NPR 1210.1
NPD 1210.1G  Show History
Acceptance and Use of Monetary Gifts and Donations-Revalidated w/Change 2, 12/06/2018  IA  4/28/10  4/28/23  NPD 1210.1F
NPD 1210.2  Show History
NASA Surveys, Audits, and Reviews Policy (Revalidated on10/24/2017)  IA  1/13/05  10/24/23 
NPD 1280.1A  Show History
NASA Integrated Management System Policy (Revalidated on January 23, 2018 with Change 1)  IA  1/28/10  1/28/23  NPD 1280.1
NPD 1360.2B  Show History
Initiation and Development of International Cooperation in Space and Aeronautics Programs (Revalidated w/Change 2)  TA  4/16/99  4/16/24  NPD 1360.2A
NPD 1370.1  Show History
Reimbursable Utilization of NASA Facilities by Foreign Entities and Foreign-Sponsored Research (Revalidated - 5/14/2018)  TA  10/26/07  10/26/23 
NPR 1371.1  Show History
Requests For Waivers Of The Residence Abroad Requirements For Exchange Visitors Sponsored By NASA Contractors And Grantees w/Change 4  TA  11/26/97  11/26/24 
NPD 1371.1G  Show History
Waivers Of the Residence Abroad Requirement for Employees of NASA Contractors and Grantees (Revalidated w/change 2-10/13/17)  TH  11/6/02  11/6/22  NPD 1371.1F
NPD 1380.1  Show History
Managing Agency Communications  NA  8/14/13  1/14/21 
NPD 1382.17J  Show History
NASA Privacy Policy  JA  6/29/16  11/30/21  NPD 1382.17H
NPR 1382.1A  Show History
NASA Privacy Procedural Requirements  JA  7/10/13  11/30/21  NPR 1382.1
NPD 1383.1C  Show History
Release and Management of Audiovisual Products (Revalidated w/change 1)  NA  4/5/05  4/5/21  NPD 1383.1B
NPD 1383.2C  Show History
NASA Assistance to Non-Government, Entertainment-Oriented Motion Picture, Television, Video & Multimedia Productions/Enterprises, & Advertising - Revalidated w/change 1  NA  10/7/99  12/31/20  NPD 1383.2B
NPR 1385.1A  Show History
Public Appearances of NASA Personnel, Including Astronauts  NA  3/4/20  3/4/25  NPR 1385.1
NPD 1385.2I  Show History
Public Appearances of NASA Personnel, Including Astronauts  NA  5/9/18  5/9/23  NPD 1385.2H
NPR 1387.1A  Show History
NASA Exhibits Program  NA  4/11/18  4/11/23  NPR 1387.1
NPD 1387.1H  Show History
NASA Exhibits Program  NA  5/1/17  5/1/22  NPD 1387.1G
NPD 1387.2H  Show History
Loan of Lunar Samples for Public Display  NA  4/5/19  4/5/24  NPD 1387.2G
NPD 1388.1  Show History
Employee Participation in NASA Education and Communications Activities (w/Change 1)  HA-NA  5/21/12  5/21/22 
NPR 1400.1H  Show History
NASA Directives and Charters Procedural Requirements  LA  3/29/19  3/29/24  NPR 1400.1G
NPD 1400.1K  Show History
Documentation and Promulgation of Internal NASA Requirements and Charters (Revalidated w/Change 1)  LA  9/14/11  9/14/21  NPD 1400.1J
NPD 1400.2E  Show History
Publishing NASA Documents in the Federal Register and Responding to Regulatory Actions w/Change 5  LA  11/29/11  11/29/21  NPD 1400.2D
NPD 1420.1A  Show History
NASA Forms Management  JA  7/25/12  2/25/23  NPD 1420.1
NPD 1440.6I  Show History
NASA Records Management  JA  7/11/19  11/30/21  NPD 1440.6H
NPR 1441.1E  Show History
NASA Records Management Program Requirements (Update Chapter 5)  JA  1/29/15  11/30/21  NPR 1441.1D
NPR 1450.10D  Show History
NASA Correspondence Management and Communications Standards and Style w/Change 3 (3/25/2016)  AA61  3/24/06  3/24/21  NPR 1450.10C
NPD 1450.12D  Show History
Handling Correspondence and Information From the Executive Office of the President (Revalidated 2/9/18)  AA61  3/26/99  3/26/23  NPD 1450.12C
NPR 1450.4G  Show History
Handling Congressional Correspondence And Information Concerning Congressional Activities (Revalidated w/change 4)   VA  10/31/01  10/31/24 
NPD 1460.1  Show History
Agency Mail Management Program (Revalidated with Change 1, September 9, 2015)  LD4  9/9/15  12/9/20 
NPD 1490.1I  Show History
NASA Printing, Duplicating, and Copying Management  JA  4/10/17  4/10/22  NPD 1490.1H
NPD 1490.6  Show History
Business Cards  JA  7/12/15  11/30/21  NPD 9070.1A
NPR 1600.1A  Show History
NASA Security Program Procedural Requirements   LP2  8/12/13  6/12/21  NPR 1600.1
NPR 1600.2A  Show History
NASA Classified National Security Information (CNSI)  LP2  9/11/19  9/11/24  NPR 1600.2
NPD 1600.2E  Show History
NASA Security Policy (Revalidated on 4/2/2015 w/Change 1)  LP2  4/28/04  4/28/21  NPD 1600.2D
NPD 1600.3  Show History
Policy on Prevention of and Response to Workplace Violence (Revalidated on April 30, 2014)  LE  9/4/07  12/31/20 
NPR 1600.3  Show History
Personnel Security (Change 2, April 29, 2013)  LP2  5/31/12  5/28/20  NPR 1600.1
NPD 1600.4  Show History
National Security Programs (Revalidated with Change 1 on July 28, 2016)  LP2  7/25/11  7/28/21  NPD 1600.2E
NPR 1600.4A  Show History
Identity and Credential Management  LP2  4/8/16  4/8/21  NPR 1600.4
NPR 1600.6  Show History
Communications Security (COMSEC)  LP2  3/28/16  3/28/21 
NPD 1600.9  Show History
NASA Insider Threat Program  LP2  10/21/14  4/21/21 
NPR 1620.2A  Show History
Facility Security Assessments (Revalidated on December 13, 2019)  LP2  10/7/15  10/7/24  NPR 1620.2
NPR 1620.3B  Show History
Physical Security Requirements for NASA Facilities and Property  none  5/13/19  5/13/24  NPR 1620.3A
NPR 1660.1C  Show History
NASA Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism w/Change 1, May 28, 2015  LP2  5/7/15  12/7/20  NPD 1660.1 , NPD 1660.1B , NPR 1660.1B
NPR 1800.1D  Show History
NASA Occupational Health Program Procedures  QA  9/11/19  5/13/21  NPR 1800.1C
NPD 1800.2D  Show History
NASA Occupational Health Program  QA  8/12/16  8/12/21  NPD 1800.2C
NPD 1850.1  Show History
NASA Medical System Quality Assurance - Revalidated   QA  2/23/10  12/23/20 
NPR 1850.1  Show History
Quality Assurance of the NASA Medical Care (Revalidated w/change 1)  QA  5/11/10  12/11/20 
NPR 1900.3B  Show History
Ethics Program Management  MA  4/23/07  10/23/20  NPR 1900.3A
NPD 1900.9E  Show History
Ethics Program Management  MA  10/27/10  10/27/20  NPD 1900.9D
NPD 1920.1  Show History
Scientific Integrity  AE  12/12/17  12/12/22 
NPD 2000.1H  Show History
Authority to Take Certain Actions for The General Counsel  MA  9/7/18  9/7/23  NPD 2000.1G
NPD 2010.1E  Show History
Court Actions or Proceedings Involving NASA or NASA Employees (Revalidated 07/02/18)  MA  6/6/13  6/6/23  NPD 2010.1D
NPD 2010.2C  Show History
Alternative Dispute Resolution (REVALIDATED with Change 2 - 11/16/17)  MA  3/6/03  3/30/22  NPD 2010.2B
NPD 2025.1B  Show History
NASA Ombudsman Program  LD  8/28/13  12/31/20  NPD 2025.1A , NPD 2025.1B
NPR 2081.1A  Show History
Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted and Conducted Programs (Revalidated on May 7, 2015)  YA  5/11/10  12/11/20  NPR 2081.1
NPD 2081.1B  Show History
Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted and Conducted Programs of NASA   YA  11/1/17  11/1/22  NPD 2081.1A
NPD 2086.1  Show History
Coordination of Remedies for Fraud and Corruption Related to NASA Acquisition Activities (Revalidated 1/14/2020)  MA  12/23/08  12/23/25 
NPD 2090.6A  Show History
Authority to Enter Into License Agreements and Implementation of Licensing Authority  OA  10/26/18  10/26/23  NPD 2090.6
NPD 2091.1C  Show History
Inventions Made By Government Employees  MA  5/24/18  5/24/23  NPD 2091.1B
NPR 2092.1B  Show History
Distribution of Royalties and Other Payments Received by NASA from the Licensing or Assignment of Inventions (Revalidated 7/31/19)  MA  8/22/14  8/22/24  NPR 2092.1A
NPD 2092.1C  Show History
Royalties or Other Payments Received by NASA from the Licensing or Assignment of Inventions (Revalidated 8/2/19)  MA  9/13/14  9/13/24  NPD 2092.1B
NPD 2190.1B  Show History
NASA Export Control Program (Revalidated w/change 1)  TA  6/20/12  6/20/22  NPD 2190.1A
NPR 2190.1C  Show History
NASA Export Control Program  TA  9/8/17  9/8/22  NPR 2190.1B
NPD 2200.1D  Show History
Management of NASA Scientific and Technical Information  JA  1/9/20  1/1/25  NPD 2200.1C
NPR 2200.2D  Show History
Requirements for Documentation, Approval and Dissemination of Scientific and Technical Information  JA  9/7/16  9/7/21  NPR 2200.2C
NPR 2210.1C  Show History
Release of NASA Software - Revalidated w/change 1  OA  8/11/10  12/31/20  NPR 2210.1A
NPD 2230.1  Show History
Research Data and Publication Access  AE  1/14/16  1/14/21 
NPD 2521.1B  Show History
Communications and Material Review   NA  8/18/15  12/31/20  NPD 2521.1A
NPD 2530.1G  Show History
Monitoring or Recording of Telephone or Other Conversations (Revalidated 8/10/18)  MA  8/29/02  8/29/23  NPD 2530.1F
NPD 2540.1I  Show History
Acceptable Use of Government Office Property Including Information Technology   JA  8/19/19  8/19/24  NPD 2540.1H
NPR 2570.1C  Show History
NASA Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Management Manual  CA  9/22/14  12/31/20  NPR 2570.1B
NPD 2570.5E  Show History
NASA Electromagnetic Spectrum Management - Revalidated 9/13/16  CA  7/11/11  7/11/21  NPD 2570.5D
NPR 2800.1B  Show History
Managing Information Technology  JA  3/20/09  12/20/20  NPR 2800.1
NPD 2800.1E  Show History
Managing Information Technology  JA  12/9/19  12/9/24  NPD 2800.1A
NPR 2800.2  Show History
Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility  JA  1/6/11  6/6/20 
NPR 2810.1A  Show History
Security of Information Technology (Revalidated with Change 1, dated May 19, 2011)  JA  5/16/06  1/31/21  NPR 2810.1
NPD 2810.1E  Show History
NASA Information Security Policy  JA  1/31/20  10/14/20  NPD 2810.1D
NPR 2810.2  Show History
Possession and Use of NASA Information and Information Systems Outside of the United States and United States Territories   JA  10/29/19  10/29/24 
NPD 2830.1A  Show History
NASA Enterprise Architecture   JA  11/2/11  12/30/21  NPD 2830.1
NPR 2830.1A  Show History
NASA Enterprise Architecture Procedures  JA  12/19/13  11/30/21  NPR 2830.1 , NPR 2830.1A
NPR 2841.1  Show History
Identity, Credential, and Access Management (Revalidated w/change 1)  JA  1/6/11  1/6/22 
NPD 3000.1C  Show History
Human Capital Management (Revalidated 12/14/2010)  LE  8/30/05  12/31/20  NPD 3000.1B
NPD 3010.1A  Show History
Strategic Workforce Planning  LE  1/15/09  12/31/20  NPD 3010.1
NPR 3100.1B  Show History
Management of the Senior Executive Service (SES)  LE  12/19/14  12/31/20  NPR 3100.1A , NPR 3317.1A
NPD 3213.1  Show History
Excepted Service Appointments  LE  6/1/16  6/1/21 
NPD 3280.3J  Show History
Detail of Military Personnel to NASA (Revalidated 11/25/19)  TA  4/18/02  4/18/24  NPD 3280.3I
NPD 3280.8G  Show History
Recommendations for Military Awards and Decorations to Military Personnel Assigned to NASA (Revalidated 11/25/2019)  TA  4/1/02  4/1/24  NPD 3280.8F
NPR 3300.1C  Show History
Employment, Appointment Authorities, and Details  LE  11/1/15  12/1/20  NPR 3300.1B
NPD 3300.3E  Show History
Recruitment, Hiring, Placement, Advancement, and Retention of Individuals with Disabilities and Disabled Veterans (Revalidated 9/9/2018)  YA  10/16/02  10/16/23  NPD 3300.3D
NPR 3319.1B  Show History
Management of Scientific or Professional (ST) and other Senior Level (SL) Positions  LE  12/19/14  12/31/20  NPR 3319.1A
NPR 3330.1A  Show History
NASA Career Transition Assistance Plan, (Revalidated with Change 1, 02/13/2013)   LE  6/6/06  6/6/21  NPR 3330.1
NPR 3335.1I  Show History
Merit Promotion and Placement  LE  6/20/16  6/20/21  NPR 3335.1H
NPD 3410.2G  Show History
Employee and Organizational Development  LE  9/27/13  12/31/20  NPD 3410.2F
NPR 3430.1D  Show History
Employee Performance and Communication System (EPCS) (Updated w/Change 1)  LE  10/19/16  10/19/21  NPR 3430.1C
NPR 3435.1C  Show History
NASA Performance Management System for the Senior Executive Service  LE  11/19/14  11/19/20  NPR 3435.1B
NPR 3451.1C  Show History
NASA Awards and Recognition Program  LE  12/6/17  12/6/22  NPR 3451.1B
NPR 3451.3  Show History
NASA Space Flight Awareness Program  CA  8/1/14  12/31/20 
NPD 3451.5C  Show History
Acquisition Improvement Awards (Revalidated w/Change 2 on January 23, 2018)  LP1  4/18/03  4/18/23  NPD 3451.5B
NPD 3511.1  Show History
Classification, Position Management and Promotions w/Change 1  LE  10/3/14  12/31/20  NPR 3511.1
NPR 3530.1C  Show History
NASA Pay and Compensation Policy  LE  1/12/09  12/31/20  NPR 3530.1A
NPR 3600.1A  Show History
Attendance and Leave, (Revalidated with Change 2, 09/11/2013)  LE  4/24/06  7/24/21  NPR 3600.1
NPR 3600.2B  Show History
NASA Telework Program  LE  9/23/19  9/23/24  NPR 3600.2A
NPR 3600.3  Show History
NASA Voluntary Leave Bank Program  LE  11/4/13  12/31/20 
NPR 3711.1B  Show History
Labor-Management Relations Program  LE  2/24/20  2/24/25  NPR 3711.1A
NPR 3713.1C  Show History
Reasonable Accommodations Procedures for Individuals with Disabilities  YA  4/22/19  4/22/24  NPR 3713.1B
NPR 3713.2B  Show History
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Discrimination Complaints  YA  5/22/17  5/22/22  NPR 3713.2
NPD 3713.2J  Show History
Federal EEO Program of NASA  YA  2/25/16  2/25/21  NPD 3713.2I
NPR 3713.3  Show History
Anti-Harassment Procedures (Revalidated on February 20, 2014 with Change 2)  YA  10/6/09  12/6/20 
NPR 3713.4  Show History
Procedures for Discrimination Complaints Based on Sexual Orientation (Revalidated on March 7, 2017)  YA  6/1/12  3/7/22 
NPD 3713.6Q  Show History
Delegation of Authority to Act in Matters Pertaining to Discrimination Complaints   YA  6/27/13  12/31/20  NPD 3713.6P
NPD 3713.8B  Show History
Provision of Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities (Revalidated 11/04/2019)  YA  11/5/01  11/4/24  NPD 3713.8A
NPR 3730.1A  Show History
NASA Suitability Program (Updated with Change 1)  LE  6/13/18  6/13/23  NPR 3730.1
NPR 3771.1A  Show History
NASA's Administrative Grievance System (AGS)  LE  1/21/16  1/21/21  NPR 3771.1
NPR 3790.1  Show History
NASA's Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Response Plan (Revalidated with Change 1)  LE  6/11/14  6/11/24 
NPR 3792.1D  Show History
NASA’s Plan for a Drug Free Workplace (Updated w/Change 1)  LE  5/14/18  5/14/23  NPR 3792.1C
NPR 3831.1  Show History
Phased Retirement  LE  10/11/16  10/11/21 
NPR 4000.1  Show History
NASA Logistics Management Operations Compensating Controls Reviews, (Revalidated with Change 1)  LD4  4/9/10  4/9/21 
NPD 4100.1C  Show History
Supply Support and Material Management Policy   LD4  9/13/14  12/31/20  NPD 4100.1B
NPR 4100.1F  Show History
NASA Supply Support and Material Management Updated with Change 1  LD4  3/7/17  3/7/22  NPR 4100.1D
NPD 4200.1C  Show History
Equipment Management Program (Revalidated on April 30, 2018 w/Change 1)  LD4  7/31/13  7/31/23  NPD 4200.1B
NPR 4200.1H  Show History
NASA Equipment Management Procedural Requirements  LD4  3/8/17  3/8/22  NPR 4200.1G , NPR 4200.2B
NPD 4300.1B  Show History
NASA Personal Property Disposal Policy (Revalidated 5/2/2016 w/Change 2)  LD4  2/19/99  8/22/21  NPD 4300.1A , NPD 4300.1B
NPR 4300.1C  Show History
NASA Personal Property Disposal Procedural Requirements  LD4  6/27/13  1/27/21  NPD 4300.4D , NPR 4300.1A
NPR 4310.1A  Show History
Artifact Identification and Disposition Revalidated w/Change 1  LD4  5/12/14  5/12/24  NPR 4310.1
NPD 4500.1  Show History
Administration of Property in the Custody of Contractors, Revalidated with Change 1  LD4  9/12/13  7/23/23 
NPR 4500.1  Show History
Administration of Property in the Custody of Contractors  LD4  2/24/14  12/31/20 
NPD 5000.2D  Show History
Small Business Subcontracting Goals  ZA  8/12/16  8/12/21  NPD 5000.2C
NPD 5101.1E  Show History
Requirements for Legal Review of Procurement Matters (Revalidated w/change 2, dated 12/15/2017  MA  9/15/97  9/15/22  NPD 5101.1D
NPD 5104.1  Show History
Government Charge Cards w/Change 1  LA  8/19/16  8/19/21  NPD 9070.2
NPD 5119.1  Show History
Small Business Program  ZA  6/1/16  6/1/21 
NPR 5200.1E  Show History
Industrial Labor Relations   LP1  8/13/19  8/13/24  NPR 5200.1D
NPR 5810.1A  Show History
NPR 5810.1, Standard Format for NASA Research Announcement and Other Announcements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements  IA  3/16/17  3/16/22  NPR 5810.1
NPD 6000.1D  Show History
Transportation Management  LD  4/21/14  12/31/20  NPD 6000.1C
NPR 6000.1H  Show History
Requirements for Packaging, Handling, and Transportation for Aeronautical and Space Systems, Equipment, and Associated Components  LD4  11/10/10  12/10/20  NPR 6000.1G
NPR 6200.1D  Show History
NASA Transportation and General Traffic Management  LD  5/1/14  5/1/21  NPR 6200.1C
NPD 7010.1L  Show History
Processing Legislative Proposals  VA  1/29/18  1/29/23  NPD 7010.1K
NPD 7100.10F  Show History
Curation of Institutional Scientific Collections  AE  5/26/16  5/26/21  NPD 7100.10E
NPR 7100.1B  Show History
Protection of Human Research Subjects  QA  2/15/19  2/15/24  NPR 7100.1A
NPD 7100.8F  Show History
Protection of Human Research Subjects  QA  3/29/19  3/29/24  NPD 7100.8E
NPR 7120.10A  Show History
Technical Standards for NASA Programs and Projects  KA  2/21/17  2/21/22  NPR 7120.10
NPR 7120.11  Show History
NASA Health and Medical Technical Authority (HMTA) Implementation  QA  11/1/11  11/1/20 
NPD 7120.4E  Show History
NASA Engineering and Program/Project Management Policy  KA  6/26/17  6/26/22  NPD 7120.4D
NPR 7120.5E  Show History
NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements (Updated w/Change 18)  KA  8/14/12  12/31/20  NPR 7120.5D
NPD 7120.6A  Show History
Knowledge Policy for Programs and Projects  KA  12/16/19  12/16/24  NPD 7120.6
NPR 7120.7  Show History
NASA Information Technology and Institutional Infrastructure Program and Project Management Requirements  JA  11/3/08  11/3/20  NPR 7120.5C
NPR 7120.8A  Show History
NASA Research and Technology Program and Project Management Requirements  KA  9/14/18  9/14/23  NPR 7120.8
NPR 7123.1C  Show History
NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements   KA  2/14/20  2/14/25  NPR 7123.1B
NPR 7150.2C  Show History
NASA Software Engineering Requirements  KA  8/2/19  8/2/24  NPR 7150.2B
NPD 7170.1  Show History
Use of Human Research Genetic Testing  QA  2/22/18  2/22/23 
NPD 7330.1I  Show History
Approval Authorities for Facility Projects  LD  1/6/16  1/6/21  NPD 7330.1H
NPD 7410.1H  Show History
Management of Contract and Grant Support Services Obtained from External Sources (Revalidated 8/14/2018)  IA  8/27/03  8/27/23  NPD 7410.1G
NPD 7500.1D  Show History
Program and Project Life-Cycle Logistics Support Policy  LD  3/2/15  12/2/20  NPD 7500.1C
NPR 7500.2  Show History
NASA Technology Transfer Requirements  OA  12/19/14  12/19/20  NPD 2110.1F , NPD 7500.2B , NPR 7500.1
NPD 7620.1I  Show History
Official Names for Major NASA Projects (Revalidated w/Change 2)  NA  2/14/00  2/14/25  NPD 7620.1H
NPR 7900.3D  Show History
Aircraft Operations Management  LD  5/1/17  5/1/22  NPR 7900.3C , NPR 7900.3D
NPD 7900.4D  Show History
NASA Aircraft Operations Management, Updated with Change 1, March 10, 2015  LD1  7/7/14  12/31/20  NPD 7900.4C
NPR 8000.4B  Show History
Agency Risk Management Procedural Requirements  GA  12/6/17  12/6/22  NPR 8000.4A
NPD 8010.3B  Show History
Notification of Intent to Decommission or Terminate Operating Space Systems and Terminate Missions (Revalidated w/Change 2)  DA  6/14/04  6/14/24  NPD 8010.3A
NPR 8020.12D  Show History
Planetary Protection Provisions for Robotic Extraterrestrial Missions  GA  4/20/11  12/20/20  NPR 8020.12C
NPD 8020.7G  Show History
Biological Contamination Control for Outbound and Inbound Planetary Spacecraft (Revalidated 05/17/13 w/change 1)  GA  2/19/99  6/19/22  NPD 8020.7F
NPD 8074.1  Show History
Management and Utilization of NASA's Space Communication and Navigation Infrastructure - Revalidated 2/27/15  CA  8/11/09  8/11/20 
NPD 8500.1C  Show History
NASA Environmental Management (Revalidated w/Change 2, on October 29, 2018)  LD2  12/2/13  12/2/23  NPD 8500.1B
NPR 8510.1A  Show History
NASA Cultural Resources Management   LD2  6/20/17  9/15/22  NPR 8510.1
NPR 8530.1B  Show History
NASA Sustainable Acquisition   LD2  8/29/16  8/29/21  NPR 8530.1A
NPR 8553.1B  Show History
NASA Environmental Management System (Revalidated 8/28/2014)  LD2  9/22/09  9/22/21  NPR 8553.1A
NPR 8570.1A  Show History
NASA Energy Management Program (Revalidated on August 1, 2018)  LD2  7/12/13  7/12/23  NPR 8570.1
NPR 8580.1A  Show History
Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act and Executive Order 12114 (Revalidated with Change 1 on 9/6/2017)  LD2  8/1/12  9/30/22  NPR 8580.1
NPR 8590.1A  Show History
Environmental Compliance and Restoration Program (Revalidated on April 5, 2016 with Change 1)  LD2  7/18/11  4/5/21  NPR 8590.1
NPD 8600.1  Show History
Capability Portfolio Management  LD  11/30/18  11/30/23  NPD 8081.1
NPR 8600.1  Show History
NASA Capability Portfolio Management Requirements  LD  4/22/19  4/22/24 
NPD 8610.12H  Show History
Orbital Space Transportation Services (Revalidated with change 1)  CA  9/23/15  9/23/24  NPD 8610.12G
NPD 8610.23C  Show History
Launch Vehicle Technical Oversight Policy (Revalidated 4/12/17)  CA  8/18/06  4/18/22  NPD 8610.23A
NPD 8610.24C  Show History
Launch Services Program Pre-Launch Readiness Reviews-Revalidated August 17, 2015  CA  5/12/05  12/31/20  NPD 8610.24B
NPD 8610.6G  Show History
Graphic Markings on Space Transportation Vehicles, U.S. Components of the International Space Station Component Systems, and Payloads (Revalidated 4/14/2015)  CA  10/30/03  10/30/20  NPD 8610.6F
NPD 8610.7D  Show History
Launch Services Risk Mitigation Policy for NASA-Owned and/or NASA-Sponsored Payloads/Missions - Revalidated w/Change 2 (03/29/2018)  CA  1/31/08  1/31/23  NPD 8610.7C
NPR 8621.1C  Show History
NASA Procedural Requirements for Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping   GA  5/19/16  5/19/21  NPR 8621.1F
NPD 8700.1E  Show History
NASA Policy for Safety and Mission Success (Revalidated 12/6/2013)  GA  10/28/08  4/28/21  NPD 8700.1C
NPR 8705.2C  Show History
Human-Rating Requirements for Space Systems   GA  7/10/17  7/10/22  NPR 8705.2B
NPR 8705.4  Show History
Risk Classification for NASA Payloads (Updated w/change 3)  GA  6/14/04  12/14/20 
NPR 8705.5A  Show History
Technical Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Procedures for Safety and Mission Success for NASA Programs and Projects (Rev. w./Change 1)  GA  6/7/10  6/7/22  NPR 8705.5
NPR 8705.6D  Show History
Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Audits, Reviews, and Assessments  GA  3/29/19  3/29/24  NPR 8705.6C
NPD 8710.1D  Show History
Emergency Management Program (Revalidated September 13, 2016)  LP2  11/8/06  11/8/21  NPD 8710.1B
NPD 8710.5D  Show History
Policy for Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Systems (Revalidated with Change 2)  GA  3/12/08  3/12/23  NPD 8710.5C
NPR 8715.1A  Show History
NASA Occupational Safety and Health Programs  GA  3/5/12  12/5/20  NPR 8715.1
NPR 8715.2B  Show History
NASA Emergency Management Program Procedural Requirements  LP2  11/19/14  6/19/20  NPR 8715.2A
NPR 8715.3D  Show History
NASA General Safety Program Requirements (Updated w/Change 1)  GA  8/1/17  8/1/22  NPR 8715.3C
NPR 8715.5B  Show History
Range Flight Safety Program  GA  2/2/18  2/2/23  NPR 8715.5A
NPR 8715.6B  Show History
NASA Procedural Requirements for Limiting Orbital Debris and Evaluating the Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Environments  GA  2/16/17  2/16/22  NPR 8715.6A
NPR 8715.7B  Show History
Payload Safety Program  GA  4/27/20  4/27/25  NPR 8715.7A
NPD 8720.1C  Show History
NASA Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Program Policy (Revalidated with change 2)  GA  4/18/08  4/18/23  NPD 8720.1B
NPD 8730.2C  Show History
NASA Parts Policy (Revalidated 04/2/19)  GA  11/3/08  11/3/24  NPD 8730.2B
NPD 8730.5B  Show History
NASA Quality Assurance Program Policy   GA  10/27/05  10/27/21  NPD 8730.5
NPR 8735.1D  Show History
Exchange of Problem Data Using NASA Advisories and the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)   GA  7/29/18  7/29/23  NPR 8735.1C
NPR 8735.2B  Show History
Management of Government Quality Assurance Functions for NASA Contracts  GA  8/12/13  12/12/20  NPR 8735.2A
NPD 8740.1  Show History
Notification and Communications Regarding Potential Near-Earth Object Threats  DA  1/27/17  1/27/22 
NPD 8800.14E  Show History
Policy for Real Estate Management   LD3  6/3/15  6/3/21  NPD 8800.14D
NPR 8800.15C  Show History
Real Estate Management Program w/Change 1, February 24, 2015  LD3  10/30/14  12/31/20  NPR 8800.15B
NPR 8810.1A  Show History
Center Master Planning  LD3  2/13/13  12/31/20  NPR 8810.1
NPD 8810.2A  Show History
Master Planning for Real Property (Revalidated w/Change 1 on February 20, 2015)  LD3  12/9/09  2/20/21  NPD 8810.2
NPD 8820.2E  Show History
Design and Construction of Facilities  LD  7/15/19  7/15/24  NPD 8820.2D
NPR 8820.2G  Show History
Facility Project Requirements (FPR)  LD  6/5/14  6/5/21  NPR 8820.2F
NPD 8831.1E  Show History
Maintenance and Operations of Institutional and Program Facilities and Related Equipment (Revalidated June 17, 2013 w/Change 1)  LD3  6/19/03  8/19/21  NPD 8831.1D
NPR 8831.2F  Show History
Facilities Maintenance and Operations Management (Updated w/Change 1 on September 2, 2016)  LD3  10/7/15  10/7/21  NPR 8831.2E
NPR 8900.1B  Show History
NASA Health and Medical Requirements for Human Space Exploration  QA  12/16/16  12/16/21  NPR 8900.1A
NPD 8900.1G  Show History
MEDICAL OPERATIONS RESPONSIBILITIES IN SUPPORT OF HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT PROGRAMS (Revalidated with change 2 dated 8/25/17)  QA  5/31/02  5/31/22  NPD 8900.1F
NPD 8900.3H  Show History
Astronaut Medical and Dental Observation Study and Care Program, Revalidated with Change 1  QA  8/16/11  8/16/22  NPD 8900.3G
NPD 8900.4D  Show History
NASA Use of Global Positioning System Precise Positioning Service (Revalidated 9/25/14)  CA  4/27/99  12/31/20  NPD 8900.4C
NPD 8900.5B  Show History
NASA Health and Medical Policy for Human Space Exploration (Revalidated 3/28/17)  QA  12/22/11  12/22/22  NPD 8900.5A
NPD 8910.1C  Show History
Care and Use of Animals  QA  1/30/19  1/30/24  NPD 8910.1B
NPR 8910.1C  Show History
Care and Use of Animals (updated w/Change 2 on 3/20/14)  QA  12/2/11  12/2/20  NPR 8910.1B
NPR 9010.1A  Show History
Financial Management Requirements Overview  IA  5/31/18  5/31/23  NPR 9010.1
NPD 9010.2A  Show History
Financial Management (Revalidated w/Change 1)  IA  5/6/13  5/6/23  NPD 9010.2
NPR 9010.2B  Show History
The Continuous Monitoring Program of Financial Controls   IA  5/31/18  5/31/23  NPR 9010.2A
NPR 9010.3A  Show History
Financial Management Internal Control  IA  2/3/20  2/3/25  NPR 9010.3
NPR 9050.1A  Show History
Official Representational Fund w/Changes 1 - 5 (Revalidated 05/10/2012)  11/4/02  12/4/20 
NPD 9050.1B  Show History
Official Representational Fund w/Changes 1-2 (Revalidated 05/10/12)  2/11/03  12/11/20  NPD 9050.1A , NPR 9050.1A
NPR 9050.2B  Show History
Advances and Prepayments  IA  3/29/19  3/29/24  NPR 9050.2A
NPR 9050.3  Show History
The Antideficiency Act (Revalidated February 20, 2020 w/change 2)  IA  9/30/08  3/31/25 
NPD 9050.3F  Show History
Administrative Control of Appropriations and Funds - Revalidated 1/9/17)  IA  11/16/07  11/16/22  NPD 7000.3E , NPD 9050.3E
NPD 9050.6K  Show History
NASA Exchange and Morale Support Activities  LP1  3/2/15  3/2/21  NPD 9050.6J
NPR 9060.1A  Show History
Accrual Accounting - Revenues, Expenses, and Program Costs  IA  5/2/16  5/2/21  NPR 9060.1
NPD 9080.1H  Show History
Review, Approval, and Imposition of User Charges  IA  8/22/14  12/31/20  NPD 9080.1G
NPR 9090.1B  Show History
Partnership Agreements-Financial Requirements and Administration  IA  3/4/20  3/4/25  NPR 9090.1A
NPR 9095.1  Show History
Working Capital Fund Policies and Requirements (Revalidated with Change 1, on January 24, 2018)  IA  9/30/08  9/30/23 
NPR 9130.1  Show History
NASA Financial Information Systems  IA  9/30/08  12/31/20 
NPR 9200.1  Show History
Accounting General Overview (Revalidated 7/31/2018 with Change 2)  IA  9/30/08  9/30/23 
NPR 9210.1A  Show History
Fund Balance with Treasury (Revalidated on January 31, 2019 w/Change 1)  IA  7/3/14  7/3/23  NPR 9210.1
NPR 9220.1B  Show History
Journal Voucher Preparation and Approval and Intragovernmental Transactions (Revalidated on March 11, 2020)  IA  2/9/17  2/9/26  NPR 9220.1A
NPD 9250.1A  Show History
Capital Asset Identification and Treatment (Revalidated on March 13, 2019)  IA  10/8/10  10/8/24  NPD 9250.1
NPR 9250.1C  Show History
Property, Plant, and Equipment and Operating Materials and Supplies  IA  10/29/15  4/29/21  NPR 9250.1B
NPR 9260.1A  Show History
Liabilities (Revalidated with Change 1)  IA  2/9/15  2/9/25  NPR 9260.1
NPR 9290.1A  Show History
Special Accounts (Revalidated on February 22, 2018)  IA  4/11/11  3/11/23  NPR 9290.1
NPR 9310.1A  Show History
Financial Management Reports - Accounting, Updated w/Change 2  IA  3/15/13  3/15/23  NPR 9310.1
NPD 9310.1D  Show History
Delegation of Authority - To Submit the Agency Report on Fund Status and the Agency Certification of Obligations and Expenditures - REVALIDATED W/CHANGE 3  IA  5/30/07  5/30/22  NPD 9310.1C
NPR 9330.1  Show History
External Reports-Budget  IA  8/1/17  8/1/22  NPR 9311.1
NPR 9420.1A  Show History
Budget Formulation  IA  9/7/16  9/7/21  NPR 9420.1
NPR 9470.1  Show History
Budget Execution  IA  12/24/08  12/24/21 
NPD 9501.1I  Show History
NASA Contractor Financial Management Reporting System (Revalidated w/Change 2)  IA  10/27/10  10/27/25  NPD 9501.1H
NPR 9501.2E  Show History
NASA Contractor Financial Management Reporting (updated w/Change 3)  IA  5/27/11  11/27/23  NPR 9501.2D
NPR 9610.1A  Show History
Accounts Receivable, Billing, and Collection  IA  10/29/15  12/29/20  NPR 9610.1 , NPR 9635.1
NPR 9620.1A  Show History
Payroll  IA  5/17/17  5/17/22  NPR 9620.1
NPR 9630.1  Show History
Accounts Payable and Disbursements  IA  7/10/17  7/10/22  NPR 9050.4 , NPR 9615.1 , NPR 9631.1
NPD 9630.3F  Show History
Designation of Authority to Render Advice on Questions Involving the Propriety of Certain Payments (Revalidated 9/04/2019)  IA  1/2/02  1/2/25  NPD 9630.3E
NPD 9630.4  Show History
Approval of Early Payment to Contractors Under the Prompt Payment Act (Revalidated w/Change 2 on 10/3/2019)  IA  10/26/06  10/3/24  NPD 7410.5D
NPR 9640.1A  Show History
Financial Management of Contractor Claims Against NASA  IA  10/28/19  10/28/24  NPR 9640.1
NPD 9645.2F  Show History
Claims for Erroneous Payment of Pay and Allowances, Travel and Transportation, Relocation Expenses, and Allowances  IA  8/19/19  8/19/24  NPD 9645.2E , NPR 9645.1
NPR 9660.1A  Show History
Vital Financial Records for Emergency Operations (Revalidated on September 17, 2018)  IA  12/19/13  12/19/23  NPR 9660.1
NPR 9680.1B  Show History
NASA's Grants and Cooperative Agreements Advance Payments  IA  8/13/15  12/31/20  NPR 9680.1A
NPR 9690.1  Show History
Investments (Revalidated, December 11, 2017)  IA  9/30/08  9/30/22 
NPR 9710.1  Show History
General Travel Requirements (Updated with Change 1)  IA  6/20/18  6/20/23  NPR 9700.1
NPD 9710.1W  Show History
Delegation of Authority - To Authorize or Approve Temporary Duty Travel on Official Business and Related Matters (Revalidated on October 3, 2018)  IA  5/8/13  10/30/23  NPD 9710.1V
NPR 9730.1  Show History
Travel Cards  IA  3/29/19  3/24/24 
NPD 9741.1B  Show History
Delegation of Authority-To Grant Exemptions from the Mandatory Use of the Government Contractor-Issued Travel Card (Revalidated w/Change 2)  IA  1/11/01  1/11/25  NPD 9741.1A
NPR 9750.1  Show History
Extended Temporary Duty Travel (ETDY)  IA  5/9/18  5/9/23 
NPR 9760.1  Show History
Relocation Allowances  IA  2/13/18  2/13/23 
NPR 9770.1  Show History
NASA Conference Approval and Reporting  IA  6/9/17  6/9/22 
NPR 9780.1  Show History
Payment of Expenses Connected With the Death of Certain Employees  IA  1/17/17  1/17/22 
NPR 9790.1  Show History
Payment of Travel Expense from a Non-Federal Source  IA  8/30/17  8/30/22 
NPD 9800.1B  Show History
NASA Office of Inspector General Programs - (w/Change 2)  WA  6/9/09  6/9/24  NPD 9800.1A
NPD 9910.1A  Show History
Government Accountability Office/NASA Office of Inspector General Audit Liaison, Resolution, and Follow-up Program - Updated w/Change 7  LA  6/28/06  6/28/25  NPD 9910.1

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